Redefining The African Languages…


Let’s learn some most common grammar you will find in these pidgins regardless of the country or region.


First lets learn a few Nouns

a or ah = “I”

aam or am = “him, them, her, it” (sometimes object)

ee or e = “it, he, she, him”

de or dey = “they”

dem  = “them”

I = “I”

Mi = “Me”

Seh = “That”

Yo = “your”

You = “you”

We = “we”


Now let’s learn some Verbs: These words are used on a daily basis

Be or bi = “is” or “are”

Bell = “call” (on the phone)

Belle or Beli = stomach

Caam = “come”

Chak, High = “Drink, Drunk” (Alcohol related)

Chop = “eat”

Chop = “Food”

Current, Light = “Electricity”

Lash = “beat up”

Go = “go”

Motor = “Car”

Pig = “Swine”

Pikin = “Child”

Sabi = “know”

Suck, Soak = “drink” (Food related)

Talk = “Say, Said”

Wey = “where”

Wetin = “What”


In Cameroon, here is how it looks like in spellings but pronunciation is all the same with other countries.

VERBS IN ENGLISH                                                           “VERBS + AM IN PIDGIN

Take/Taken                                                                          Takam

Put                                                                                         Putam

Give                                                                                       Givam

See/Seen                                                                             Seeam

Ask                                                                                        Askam

Teach                                                                                     Teacham

Break / Broke                                                                        Brokam

Work                                                                                     Workam

Help                                                                                       Helpam

Stand                                                                                     Stanam / Stanap/Standam

Run                                                                                        Run

Keep                                                                                      Kipam

Carry                                                                                     Carryam

Talk                                                                                       Tokam

Bring                                                                                      Bringam

Show                                                                                    Showam

Write                                                                                      Writam

Smell                                                                                      Smellam

Get                                                                                        Getam

Catch                                                                                      Catcham

Sit                                                                                          Shidon / Shidon down/Sidon

Eat                                                                                         Chop / Chopam

Greetings                                                                              A Salote / Salote

Beat                                                                                       Bitam

Bear                                                                                       Bearam

Bend                                                                                      Benam

Set                                                                                         Setam

Think                                                                                      Thinkam

Bite                                                                                        Bitam

Bless                                                                                      Blessam

Blow                                                                                      Blowam

Build                                                                                      Billam

Burn                                                                                       Bonam

Buy                                                                                        Buyam

Hold                                                                                      Holam

Keep                                                                                     Kipam

Know                                                                                    Sabi / Sabiam

Learn                                                                                     Learnam

Leave                                                                                     Livam

Make                                                                                     Makam

Melt                                                                                       Miltam

Hear                                                                                      Hearam

Pay                                                                                          Payam

Over come                                                                             Over comam

Mistake                                                                                  Mistakam

Prove                                                                                     Provam

Read                                                                                     Readam

Ride                                                                                      Ridam

Sell                                                                                         Sellam

Send                                                                                      Senam

Choose                                                                                 Choosam

Drive                                                                                      Drivam

Do                                                                                         Doam

Shake                                                                                     Shekam

Shave                                                                                     Shevam

Dig                                                                                        Digam

Feed                                                                                      Fidam

Feel                                                                                       Filam

Grind                                                                                      Grinam

Tell                                                                                         Tellam

Sweep                                                                                    Swipam

Spend                                                                                    Spenam

Weep                                                                                    Wipam

Withdraw                                                                              Withdrawam.



De or Dey = (progressive)

Finish = (completative)

Dem = (imperfect)

Go = (future)

Make = (imperative)


Below is a guide to the pronunciation of the vowels of Krio.

  1. ɛ as in English ‘bed.’
  1. e as in English ‘day’
  1. ɔ as in English ‘cot’
  1. ʌ as in English ‘cut’ (not found in Krio)
  1. ə as in English ‘among’ (not found in Krio)
  1. o as in English ‘bowl’ or ‘boat’
  1. u as in English ‘fool’
  1. I as in English ‘seat’


Also, the velar nasal sound, ŋ , as in English ‘King,’ is used in Krio ‘fulɔp piŋ’ (full to the brim), and in Temne ‘kʌ lɛŋ’ ( to grow grey hair)

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