Redefining The African Languages…


AFRO PIDGIN (pronounced as Afropeegin) is a form of dictionary blog that seeks to showcase and promote the Pidgin Language as a unifying language of communication among Africans. We understand that Africans can unite despite our differences and we believe that a common language can help that. With Pidgin, There is no discrimination nor barrier, no tribe or ethnicity because it transcend all tribes all Languages.

The birth of AFRO PIDGIN started from a group discussion on twitter on the need for Africans to adopt one or two language of communication without actually losing our own language and identity in the process and the pidgin was one of the languages suggested. Though popular only among the West Africans in particular Nigerians and Ghanaians with many differences and a few similarities. We started out by compiling the most common pidgin words, compare the similarities and then realize there is not so much difference especially in meanings. The similarities in these pidgin words from these countries gave birth to AFRO PIDGIN

With Afro Pidgin, the scope of how we relate and interact with each other as Africans. The list of common words with same or similar meanings from different African countries are uploaded on this blog with the meaning, pronunciation and origin etc to serve as a dictionary for Africans to learn And with YOU the user out there contributing common words as they develop in our countries and neighborhood, there is no limit to what we can achieve!!


Welcome to AFRO PIGDIN once again…